Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kojie San Sunblock Lotion for kids

I was looking for a mild lotion at the supermarket then I saw Kojie San for Kids. I am confident that I will be protected from the sun because it has SPF 50 but at the same time it would not be harsh on my skin.

I purchased it because it is indicated that it is "Paraben Free". It is less than P200 so it is very affordable unlike other lotions with SPF 50 that costs nearly P500.

Specially formulated for kid's delicate skin. Great protection for sun's harmful UVA/UVB rasy. Made with natural botanical ingredients to keep skin from irritation and feeling moisturized.
With Oat Kernel Extract and Shea Butter. PABA and Paraben free. 

It contains SUNACTYL, a natural ingredient, which helps repair sun damaged skin.

How to Use: 
Apply Kojiesan Kids Sunblock SPF50 generously 30 minutes before going outdoors. Re-apply frequently to maintain sun protection. Suitable for daily use. Store at room temperature.

As I apply it on my skin it is not that greasy but it is quite thick. It is thinner in consistency compared to other lotions with SPF 50. It leaves a very light white tint but it is not obvious or doesn't cake. I do not feel any tingly or itchy feeling when I apply it. It is somewhat has a very light feel on the skin. I still can feel that my skin can breathe and perspire. ahehe

If you ask if it is effective, for me it is. But do not over expect that the skin will never get tan even a little bit if the sunlight is really strong. It is best not to be exposed in direct sunlight even if you wear sunblock.

Rating: (1-5, 5 as highest)
Smell 4
Effectiveness 4
Consistency 4
Mild on skin 5
Over all 4.5
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  1. Hi po. Can it be applied on a child's face? Thank you

    1. Yes sis. Eto din gamit namin as a family and pwedeng pwede sa face.

  2. Hi pwede po kaya ito sa almost 2 years old ko na toddler


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