Monday, April 25, 2016

Psyllium fiber

Diet is important to human health. However not at all times we get the right intake of fiber from the food we eat. People on the go tend to eat in fast food chains or cook processed foods and seldom eat fruits and vegetable high in fiber.

In my opinion an alternative or way to remedy this is to take fiber supplement. It will also help in the digestion and make the bowel movement more regular.

Use lukewarm water and pour the fiber into the cup with water. Mix it until about 10 times and drink it as soon as you can because it turns into gel and swallowing with be difficult.

There are many brands to choose from. I tried the three different brands below but I prefer the brand Mega because when I calculate the price compared to the weight of the product it is the cheapest but the oats or flakes are bigger.

I drink this after before or after breakfast whenever I observe that I was not able to eat a lot of food high in fiber. I don't pour the whole contents of the one pack. I usually divide it by three because if the gel forms quickly I will not be able to finish drinking it.

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