Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watched 3 Philippine orchestras for free

The show yesterday, May 2, was entitled Symphonic Sunsets at Makiling. It was held in the Tanghalang Maria Makiling, National Arts Center, Los Banos Laguna.

It is such a great privilege to watch for free these 3 amazing orchestras- Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Ochestra of the Filipino youth, ABS CBN philharmonic orchestra plus to get to watch conductors Gerard Salonga and Olivier Ochanine. Before I only see Gerard Salonga and orchestras on TV.

Orchestras usually have shows in Cultural Center of the Philippines and the tickets would cost thousands or hundreds. I grabbed the opportunity to watch since it is free admission. Then my friend told me they also made a show last year. O_o What? And I didn't even heard of it before. I should have watched last year too.

Transportation going to the National Arts Center is a challenge. I and my friends hired a jeepney but when the driver saw that there is a steep road going up and down he made us go down. The security was telling the driver he can make it but he did not push through. So we went down 500m+ walking up and down. I was wearing a 3.8 or 4 inch high wedge.

I was fascinated by the talent of Brian Berino, a 12 year old boy pianist. I love the energy of Mr. Thristan "Tum-Tum" Mendoza while playing the Marimba. Chi- Ying Yung played the piano very well and fast. She is great. The voices of Jade Riccio and Malvin Macasaet were thundering the hall and their harmony was so great. Over all it was a very successful night.

I also love the way Ms. Jamie Bernstein and Ms. Tricia Tunstall explained El Sistema, shared their stories, inspired the audience how music can have a good influence to the people especially the youth. They really appreciated the talent of the Ochestra of the Filipino youth.

Getting a good place is hard because we reached the venue about 30 minutes before it started. The seats were full and only concrete benches far from the hall were available for us.

The audience appreciated every piece. Being seated at the far part makes the sound quality poor than sitting in front. In addition there are some noisy people talking even if the orchestra is playing.

Going home was a hassle. We waited from about 7:30 to past 11pm for a jeepney to pick us up. Only four jeepneys were going up and down to fetch people and there are hundred or more than a thousand people who watched the concert. We rode the last trip. It was tiring, we were thirsty and hungry. We were dropped off far from a jeepney terminal so we need to walk another 500m. My feet were so tired walking. Next time I will wear doll shoes instead of a wedge.

Hearing the 3 orchestras played together is amazing. The final piece is by Beethoven Sonata. The conductor was Olivier Ochanine.

I get to have pictures with cello cases. Haha The cases were taller than me.

By the way this is how I looked yesterday.

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