Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Nivea Body Milk Whitening

Recently the Nivea 50% ended. May 9 to be exact. My brother also bought some items Nivea for men and he called me to know if there was something I want to have. I said the orange Cell Repair and Protect would be great for the ladies of the family. And so he bought one which is the 250 mL. There will be four of us ladies who will share in one bottle.

Name: Nivea Body Milk Whitening Cell Repair and Protect
Weight: 250mL


This orange one is slightly lesser in price than the pink or violet one. And since it is 50% it costs P100+ instead of P211.75.

The front part is informative already and says the function 'Strengthens the skin to reveal fairer skin tone'. So it strengthens the skin + whitens or lightens the skin.

The essential ingredients are also listed in the front part Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry.

What's great is that it says 'All Skin Types' so technically it can be for a large number of customers than lotions with 'For dry skin only' or 'for oily skin only', etc.

The blue cap has an embossed lettering "NIVEA'.

The back part indicates the feel you will expect- it has only light feel. It also states that your skin will be fairer and smoother after 14 days of regular use. The website is also listed at back. For me this important because the people nowadays always rely on the internet so if they get curious about a company and its product they can go straight to the website.

The ingredients are listed at the back.

Its great that the body milk has grape seed oil and fruit juice and also citric acid but I'm concerned about the two Parabens listed. Health conscious people and also people who are looking for para free products will be crossing out this product if ever they read this.

The Body Milk 

Honestly I'm still wondering what is the difference between a body milk and a lotion and serum. Well for me body milk has thinner consistency that lotion. Do you agree? Or can anyone explain to me the difference between the three of them? Write on the comments below.. Hehehe

The color of the body milk is white. It is not that thick and doesn't feel greasy after application but I would prefer a thicker consistency because it still feels a little bit dry.

I'm curious how the violet or pink one feels. Maybe next time I'll try it.

Rating (1-10, 10 as highest)
Consistency: 7
Greasy feel: 2
Mositurisation: 7
Color: 10
Packaging: 9

As for the packaging I observed that nowadays products with liquid contents has a foil inside the bottle so you still need to punch a hole using a pin or needle to get a small amount of product but f course you will be caught in the grocery store if you do the pinning there.