Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Avon Magic Lipstick

Simple Pretty (Avon) Magic Lipstick
Price: P135
Available in all Avon outlets. 
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I recently bought a magic lipstick from Avon. And since I am an Avon Lady I get 25% discount on products.

The advantage of a magic lipstick is that even if after you eat there is some lipstick which stays on so you do not need to re apply immediately.

The Packaging

With  seal

 without the seal
The lipstick case has a seal which is a clear plastic. Printed on the plastic is the logo of simply pretty in gray ink. And at the back are the ingredients and how to use.

The lipstick itself

I bought the one with the lightest pink (according to the brochure) which is snow pink. It is white but when you apply it on the lips it turns light pink. If you want a darker pink then you just need to reapply it. It is not a matte lipstick so it feels like a moisturizing lipstick.

I would recommend it to people with lighter shade of lips so that the color would be noticeable. After eating I checked using the mirror if the lipstick had gone off. It did but left about 30% of the color from the original.

Below is the picture of how it looks like on my lips upon application.

Rating: (1-10, 10 as highest)
Long lasting effect- 7
Tint or color change - 9
Packaging - 9
Moisturisation - 7