Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Body Shop Lip Balm

Body Shop Tinted Lip Balm

Made in USA
Weight: 4.2 g (0.14 oz)

Color: Shade of yellow orange

This lip balm has lots of shimmer. It really colors the lips but doesn't stay for long like a magic lipstick. It would match a skintone that is light or fair. It is yellowish/orange so it can make your teeth look yellow.

Putting too much is not advisable because it will make you look like you ate a lot of oil.

It is better if you put it on tip of a dark colored lipstick as a shimmer.

People with light colored or pinkish lips can use this however this doesn't look that much pretty people with dark lips.

Rating (1-5, 5 as highest)
Texture: 4
Long lasting: 4
Color: 4
Packaging: 4
Shimmer: 5

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