Sunday, April 12, 2015


I read in Mandisa's facebook post that Jamie Grace has an open letter to Taylor Swift. According to Jamie, Taylor Swift's mom has cancer.

Not only public figures need to put on a smile amidst of pain but also church leaders, parents, and even an ordinary person when they go out to buy some grocery. Their heart wants to burst with pain but they need to act as if everything is ok. It is also hard to update people or even post in facebook or any social media sites that a family member is sick or you have problems cause sometimes they interpret it as the Lord's judgement to you even if you are a Christian or to your family member/friend/loved one that isn't yet a believer. Sometimes the post or updates may be interpreted as a turn off to the Lord and a minus to His integrity because it's like He cannot take away all of our problems-but these are all lies. God is loving and is not the cause of pain of people. His desire is to bless us. Nothing is impossible with God and His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

Health issues are not new to my family. Many times I pray for healing, crying and like begging to God but can't see the 100% healing.

I feel for those who are poor and can't afford treatment. I feel for those who are selfless and forgot about their desires and career just to take care of the sick. I feel for those who have all the money and knowledge but still their loved ones cannot be cured. I feel for those whose battle has been so long and it feels like forever. I feel for those who has sickness because it is inherited from ancestors or parents. It is never their fault why they were sick.

The news feed in Instagram, facebook, YahooNews, etc states that Amanda Noelle (back up of Natalie Grant) has cancer, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns had kidney operation to remove cancer Darlene Zschech had cancer and Benny Hinn had reset of heart rhythm. I came to an understanding that we still exist in this world and our bodies are mortal even if we are Christians and even if our ministry is healing and worship but of course we want heaven on earth- no pain, no sickness, no tears, eternity with the Lord! :D

I also have learned that we take up our own cross. We have our own battle even if part of our burden are the problems of our loved ones. We are not to blame ourselves if we pray for somebody and he/she doesn't get healed. There is a purpose- maybe God wants us to see His move little by little until we see full recovery.

It is hard to beat yourself up when you are the only Christian in a big family and you are the youngest and think as if your prayers aren't heard or your cries are not enough. And also think as if you are the problem why they don't get well.

I do understand that there are cases that people don't get healed and I just think that maybe it is because our bodies are still mortal. Even Jesus felt pain in the Calvary on the Cross. He didn't get healed while in the cross and eventually died but Jesus rose again for us to live.

We do not accept defeat and we are not losers. We are more than conquerors in Christ but as humans we also try to understand God's ways, will and purposes.

It is best to surround yourself with true people who would support you emotionally and sincerely care about you, understand you and will be willing to stand with you no matter how long it would take.

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