Friday, March 27, 2015

LBC Send & Swipe card

LBC cashcard- an atm and debit card.

I got this cash card from LBC for FREE. It is free for everybody!! Get yours now.

No maintaining balance and no initial fee required to get a card. You just need to fill out a form to get this card and show a valid ID.

You can withdraw cash from RCBC atm machines but if using other atm machines with Visa, Megalink, Expressnet, Bancnet- standard processing fees apply.

You can Swipe it in establishments accepting Visa cards and Bancnet POS terminals with no transaction fee. You can use it for online shopping.

You can reload money via LBC and RCBC fund transfer and Bancnet. Remittance fee applies.
Smaller remittance fee applies ex. P1000- fee of P30 only instead of P50.
Loved ones abroad and customers of online store owners can also reload this card.

One card can hold P100,0000 only per month.

To locate the nearest RCBC branch and atms go to


  1. Hi! What's the name of this card?

  2. This sounds good. I must try to get one.

  3. i will try to inquire for this..thanks for sharing this!! God bless and more power!!

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