Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blogging advices from some of the popular bloggers


As promised from my blog post last March 18 Tips to a Flourishing Blog here are the advices of bloggers to me after i asked them how to start a blog on product reviews and tips where do they get sample of products.

 I compiled their messages to me and posted it here. Gain inspiration from them and also check out their facebook accounts. Enjoy reading!


Thank you so much for the kind words Companies usually sent their products for review. They will contact you out of the blue if they find your blog relevant to their marketing and campaigns. At first, I invested on products for review. I buy products to try and test it and share my thoughts. I also review the products that I'm already using. Good luck, just keep on writing.
Kikay si maria

i usually buy them. sometimes, they message me for review
Sabs Hernandez

Hi! If you would like to get products for free to review, I suggest that you sign up at SampleRoom for free. If you haven't heard about Sampleroom, it is a sampling site where you can get products for free. You earn points by reviewing products, and you "buy" products from points that you earn. I know a lot of beauty bloggers who have signed up at Sampleroom so that they can get the latest products from brands for free! Do check it out at Good luck and I hope this helps.

Hi! I get them from PRs. They were the ones who emailed me and that's how I got product samples.
Carizza Chua

Hi!  You can try reviewing your personal products first to populate your blog with good content or visit to get samples. Hope it helps!

Hi! usually I get the products I review on events and sometimes some companies send me samples for review or product feature. B but most commonly I buy the products myself to try them out hope this helps

Hi, After blogging a couple of months, I contacted various brands through emails and Facebook messages and that is the way you can receive samples if they like your blog! Hope that helps! Love, rakhshanda

Hi. The sponsors will come knocking on your door once you have established credibility for your blog. If you have just started, it will take time before brands will entrust their products to you for review. For now, you can review or feature products that you personally own or really buy for yourself.

Hi! I buy some of the products while the others are given by the brands and PR companies. good luck on your blog!

Hello i bought mostly the products i review. While others do contact me and ask me to blog about my experience using the products. Basically, u are asked to review products when u already have an established blog. Depends on your niche

I buy them. But once your blog becomes more popular, beauty brands will notice it and eventually send u an email if you want to review their products.

Hi, I get them from Sampleroom or I subcribe from beautyboxes like glamourbox or bdjbox.

Hi, Thank you so much for your support. I buy most of the products myself but I sometimes join contests online and I'm lucky enough to win some of them. I'd also recommend putting a valid email address that you regularly check on the contact page of your blog so that brands can easily email you when they're interested in sending you products. Just continue to blog high quality content regularly and the brands will surely come to you. Best Regards, Kat of Nails My Dreams

Hi! I don't have a lot of sources for free products unfortunately. Most of the things I review are my own purchases. I also use Sampleroom's sampling service. Thanks for visiting!

Hi there! I purchase most of my products online. Please check my blog : I always leave a link to the shop where I bought a particular item.

Sorry it took YEARS for me to get samples from brands. It doesn't happen overnight. It's up to the brand and if they even notice your blog. There are so many beauty blogs out there right now, it's pretty hard to get noticed these days, so good luck to you. Your blog needs to have a certain amount of traffic as well, and that doesn't happen in a week. It's a lot of hard work, just warning you.

Hi! The products/samples are all free, advertisers send them to me. You may also write about the products you bought yourself so advertisers may start noticing your reviews

Hi! When I started blogging, I reviewed every kikay stuff I had at home. Kung may makita ako, "ah pwede ireview!" even though it's not new. Then I-sshare ko sa FB page ng brand yung links. Eventually (though it took close to a year), brands I like started sending me stuff. But I've never been the one to ask for stuff to review. For me medyo off kasi yun. Also, I love attending beauty events, kahit hindi siya blogger event. You get to learn a lot, and sometimes they give samples too.

Hello! To be able to get products for reviews from PRs you have to build a name in public especially on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If they find your blog site informative, creative and active they eventually will contact you personally, most of the time through email. When you are just starting you have to use your own money to buy beauty products to review. It'll take time and effort before PR people will recognize your blog, don't lose hope on that ok? Just keep posting reviews and join blogger groups here on facebook for more information and social interaction. Good luck and hope you'll inspire more gals!

Most of the time, I purchase the products that I feature on my blog, unless otherwise indicated, I really invest on them. If you want samples, you may try Sample Room or subscribe to beauty boxes.  Some products that I acquired are from events or sent as gifts.  I hope I answered your question. Happy Blogging!

Hello! Just be consistent with blogging and you should buy products you like first, then if the brand notices you they will reach out to you. Be sure that your email address is clearly seen on your blog layout so that the brand/s can reach out to you at once if they like your blog. Good luck!

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