Monday, February 23, 2015

Scarf Giveaway by Mulberry Whisper

I think this silk ikat infinity scarf is a nice accessory for the coming spring. It was hand made by my mother in her studio at home. She used lush vintage Uzbek silk with luminous ikat prints to make this luxurious long circle scarf. You can take a closer look at the silk ikat infinity scarf here, at our MulberryWisper shop on Etsy. I hope you like it! 
All of our silk eternity scarves are either one of a kind or very limited edition, because we make them individually, from beautiful and rare Uzbek silks. We also sell rug pillows, wool Russian shawls, cotton Russian shawls (those are very rare as their production stopped more than 30 years ago); we upcycle damaged Russian shawls into wonderful scarves, and offer ready to ship clothing. We also take orders for individually designed clothing. We have some vintage silk scarves as well. We have recently started making a very fun accessory - multi-purpose purse scarf. 

The giveaway works as follows:
First you leave a comment under this post and then sign in the form below to provide your name and to state that you have commented (please use the same name).  
After you indicate that you have left a comment on this blog post,  you will see options for additional entries such as blogging about the giveaway, sharing at Facebook, etc.
Even if you are not interested in those additional options, you will need to at least register your comment using this form in order to enter, because the winner will be chosen automatically with the help of this software. If you do not do that, you will have no chances to win, sorry.
You can get 5 more entries if you buy something from us on Etsy. In that case, your chances are growing dramatically - actually the first giveaway was won by my customer! Past customers qualify for these additional entries; just give me your Etsy user name and claim your entries.
And if you happen to win - we ship all items for free, including your purchase! (If you do buy something this time, please send to us at MulberryWhisper a note to delay shipping until the end of the giveaway). This includes our past customers. If you have already bought from us, you qualify for the additional 5 entries! Claim them and indicate your Etsy user name in the form.
This giveaway is open worldwide and comes with free shipping as long as you have a valid address (no P.O. boxes please). You should be 18 years old and above to qualify. All entries of the drawn winner will be verified.

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