Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eyeliner: Nichido vs. San San

Eyeliner is one of the things you will always see in my bag. When it comes to my style of natural look I usually just apply foundation, lipstick, eyepencil and eyebrow pencil. Gone are the days where in the everyday look has heavy eyeshadows. Nowadays even if you just put red lipstick people consider you as wearing make up already.

Nichido is available at SM Malls while San San can be found in HBC and lately some drugstores like Mercury drug. 

The price is almost the same- less than P100.. around P60.

This is how my eyes look like without wearing eyepencil/eyeliner.

I usually use black to line my eyes instead of brown because I noticed brown seem not to be obvious when I apply it.

Nichido has a softer liner tip than that of San San. The eyepencil I bought from San san alrady has a sharpener but there is an available pencil without the sharpener. Nichido also has an eyeliner without the sharpener but the one I have is a screw or click type case. It is easier to use since you do not need to sharpen it anymore. San san has a lighter shade of black so I need to reapply it 2 or 3 more times. Both eyeliners smudges but Sansan doesn't smudge quickly compared with my experience when using Nichido.

Sansan eyepencil- shade 01

How my eyes look like using the two different products.

Only the left eye has eyeliner.

I used Nichido eyeliner for 2 years but lately I switched to San San to avoid smudges on my eyes.

Now this is how my eyes look like wearing eyepencil/eyeliner.

Using San San

Using Nichido
The smudge when using Nichido eyeliner

Have you tried using these products? Share your story on the comments.

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